Three Dimension View in Interior design How Realistic???????

Three Dimension View in Interior design How Realistic??????? In the world of interior design art of presentation which started from hand sketches to virtual 3d images and is taking a revolutionary turn in the field of interior design Pro’s of 3d Views Many a times client has many questions when it comes to interior design. 

Realistic 3d View has helped many clients and a designer to see a room completed before it is actually executed.

This helps to anticipate many disruptions that can occur at a later stage.

Even when we saw above there are many benefits of 3d views yet there are some

To answer this question many designers have started using the latest technology that is rendered views prominently called as 3d views

a) 3d views help clients to understand the design virtually before the work is executed.

b) 3d views also help designers and clients to visualize mass combination and available free space around the furniture.

c) 3d views prepared by visualizers also come with finish materials to be used, colors to be used.

d) And light fittings with the ceiling design.

Con’S of virtual 3d views

a) After preparing a model of 3d Visualizers trick designers and clients by showing views from unreal camera angle which one may never get on-site actually even using the best cameras.

b) Most of the time material used to render the views are absolutely virtual. 

c) Client or designer may never be able to find the same material in the market while the time of purchasing which leads to deviating from 3d views

d) Luminosity of light is manipulated to fascinate or exaggerate to beauty at which visualizers are best 

e) Reflections on floor and furniture also plays important role in views, whereas in reality, it may not be so reflective.

f) Most of the views are rendered in the smooth finish so the texture of original material (which plays a vital role on site) which is going to be used on-site goes unseen

g) Many times client budget is of laminate and views are in Duco paint/Corian/lamination.

When you look at such views ask yourself How Realistic these 3d views are???

In my opinion, you will not even achieve a 40 % result from the 3d view to actual reality.

Final lookout points when you Receive/Present Views for your project

a) Look at the angle from which layout and view is prepared (walls should not be hidden)

b) Select material, scan it and then attach it to view that makes it more effective in reality

c) Using actual lights ( luminosity which is to be used on-site) makes it more realistic

d) Look out for Unnatural scenes used outside the window 

e) Define your budget to visualizer and then prepare views Make it more real.

When you look at such views ask yourself How Realistic these 3d views are???

At we  achieve 80 % result from the 3d view to actual reality,which in turn is very high compared to other competiotrs in the market.

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