1.     Simple, inexpensive changes can personalize a house.

2.     Use your home inspection report to establish priorities.

3.     Consider doing major projects in phases to limit disruptions.

4.     Try to make better use of what you have before you buy new.

5.     Don’t over enlarge. If you live in a three-bedroom neighborhood, a four-bedroom house probably won’t sell for a premium.

6.     Selling and moving is sometimes a better idea than staying and renovating.

7.     Don’t rush to renovate. Live in your house for a while before launching a major project.

10.   Expect something to go wrong. It always does.

8.     Need more room? Get rid of clutter rather than

9.     If you don’t have the intestinal fortitude, don’t buy a fixer-upper.

11.   Bad things can happen to new houses, even if you have a good builder.

12.   Nothing is completely maintenance-free. A regular maintenance program will put a cap on problems.

13.   Never take on more work than you can tackle in a reasonable time. Projects need a time limit.

14.   Do projects that will not tax your abilities and will give you personal satisfaction, especially ones that few professionals are willing to undertake.

15.   Never assume that what you see on television can be done easily in your house.

16.   When you sign on to homeownership, it implies a long-term commitment. Never think that the last project will be the last one.

17.   Try to have the worst jobs, such as refinishing the floors or removing hazardous materials, done before you move in.

18.   Even the grunt work that people say you can do is often more cost-effective and quicker if you have a professional do it.

19.   Be creative with the space you have.

20.   Problems usually beget renovation projects.

21.   Never launch a major renovation project without talking to the neighbors first.

22.   Make sure your contractor and their subcontractors communicate with the neighbors as the project progress.

23.  Never argue. Have the contractor fix whatever they break on the neighbor's property.

24.  Never embark on a major renovation project because you think it will raise the asking price for your house.

25.  Tackle small projects that make the house you are selling look more appealing