Emerging of Kotlie.com 

The Story that gave the Idea of Transformation in Interior Design Industry

One Day around 2.00 pm tough summer time when I came back to my office after having a fight my client.

We had arguments on few things related to cost, design and workability of designs in his home.

It had become a daily activity for him to change designs and send or show me some Instagram and Pinterest images saying this is my friend or relative home blah blah.

When I asked for my fees he said what are you charging me for?

But this was not first time with me many times before also these things had happened, on inquiring with other designers I discovered that same issues were faced by top professional and new fresher as well.

It was like apple fell on newton”

So one day sitting at my office I thought and questioned myself

Why designers are not paid for what they are working?

Why clients don’t understand that they are messing up their home by getting influenced by others?

Why clients are not understanding that when they are showing someone else design it is been prepared for someone else requirement?

Why clients don’t understand that shopping side table from different design and bed from different design and ceiling from other design is not possible?

Why clients don’t understand that it is only designers who have sense of design and so they have hired me?

Why can’t I have industry Interior Designers Free?

Why are we so much staff dependent? We teach, we train and they leave our office when they are ready for us?

If there are many interior designers there are many designs lying junk in their hard disk can I get them paid for the junk?

Few Minutes later I started thinking on same rationale from a customer perspective

 Why designers don’t provide more options and designs to select from?

Why designers don’t give more customization option in colours and textures?

Why my cost of home is getting increased when I change my material why am I not given cost in material I want?

Why it is taking so much time to create design?

Why materials in designs are different from material in market? Why can’t there be transparency in purchase of products and materials?

Why architects and designers are so stubborn about their design sense?

Why interior designers and architects are so possessive of design on Pinterest and Instagram

Why I can’t have freedom to change designers material and colour combination to suit my own design style by maintain design standard?

Can’t there be a win-win situation for both

Can there be a fully functional online interior design model where designs can be purchased and sold from any part of the world?

That was a Eureka Moment for me

And I started designing an online interior design model which was very nascent just born.

Speaking with colleagues and friends I discovered there was so much power in the model.

It was the same time when few online furniture stores like peperfry and home lane had entered the market.

Name of .com was suggested by my son dates were decided and developers were appointed everything started falling in its place on including funds.

Rest Kotlie.com was followed by my passion to enter in to online market and stay in high competition where designs could be sold and delivered just by sitting at my office.

On 11th July 2018 I launched Kotlie.com

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