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  • Thinking to renovate your Home ?

    1.     Simple, inexpensive changes can personalize a house.
    2.     Use your home inspection report to establish priorities.
    3.     Consider doing major projects in phases to limit disruptions.
    4.     Try to make better use of what you have before you buy new.
    5.     Selling and moving is sometimes a better idea than staying and renovating.
    6.     Don’t over enlarge. If you live in a three-bedroom neighborhood, a four-bedroom house probably won’t sell for a premium.
    7.     Don’t rush to renovate. Live in your house for a while before launching a major project.
    8.     Need more room? Get rid of clutter rather than renovate.
    9.     If you don’t have the intestinal fortitude, don’t buy a fixer-upper.
    10.   Expect something to go wrong. It always does.
    11.   Bad things can happe

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  • Three Dimension View in Interior design How Realistic???????

    Three Dimension View in Interior design How Realistic??????? In the world of interior design art of presentation which started from hand sketches to virtual 3d images and is taking revolutionary turn in field of interior design Pro’s of 3d Views Many a times client has many questions when it comes to interior design. To answer this question many designers have started using latest technology that is rendered views prominently called as 3d views a) 3d views help clients to understand the design virtually before the work is executed. b) 3d views also help designers and clients to visualise mass combination and available free space around the furniture. c) 3d views prepared by visualizers also come with finish materials to be used, colours to be used, d) And light fittings with ceiling design. It’s almost helps a client and a designer to see a room completed before it is actually executed. This helps many disruptions which can occur at later stage. Even when we saw above there are many ben

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  • Coronavirus impact on Interior Design Industry in India and Global

    Are You Under the Impact of Pandemic COVID-19?

    Current Scenario India and Global

    Regardless of size, business size and project location, construction work has been stopped at almost all sites across the country.
    All projects will face delays leading to cost escalations. 

    The deadly novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is having a cascading effect on Interior Design Industry Whether you are an Architect or Interior Designer or 3D Visualizer be sure currently entire Interior Design Industry is under the phase of global and disruptive transition.

    "Everything is much slower"An architecture firm that has several projects in China said that projects in the country had come to a standstill.
    "Four major jobs in China are on pause," said the firm. "Cash flow is severely impacted. Even if you have a contract, people are just not paying on time."
    There are various ways in which design segments affected by

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  • Types of Plywood

    How shopkeepers classify plywood If you visit any of the plywood shops in your locality and ask for the types of plywood available, the most likely answer that you can expect to get is that there are two types, commercial and marine. Some dealers also will say that there are waterproof types available. Types of Plywood The major types of Plywood.  Interior and Exterior Grade plywood As the names suggest, interior grade plywood is meant for indoor use, while the exterior grade is waterproof and can be used outdoors. The most common type of plywood that is used for making furniture for

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