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Why Buy Pre-Designed Rooms?

Have you Heard Saying?

"One Man's Junk is Another Man's Treasure"

Yes, You got us right ! At Kotlie.com we enable interior designers and Architects to list their Pre-Design Rooms by setting up an e-Store.

Pre-Design Rooms 

About Pre-Design Room.

Get All your Questioned Answered.

Pre-Design Rooms are ready to serve design for your room which are listed by our Interior Designers on Kotlie.com.

For One Room Interior design, it normally takes 8 to 10 days for preparing the design and all related drawings with material list and quotation for one single option.

At Kotlie.com we Deliver Pre-Design Rooms at 48 to 60 Working Hours Nearly Half of the time.

Our designers who list their designs on kotlie.com gets paid every time their designs are sold.

So we keep the price such that it is affordable for the homeowner and for the designer both.

Yes at Kotlie.com we send you an e-mail and we also ship your predesign pack to your address for Free.

Our Pre-Design Room Pack Generally Includes a List of the Following Items.

Room Floor Plan (pdf format)

Room 2D Elevation-4 sides (pdf format)

Room Electrical Drawing (pdf format)

Room Ceiling Plan (pdf format)

Room Detail Drawings if Any (pdf format)

Room Material Mood Board List (pdf format)

Room Bill of Quantity of work (pdf format)

Room Estimate Approximate. (pdf format)

List of 3rd Party Products in the Design.

High-Resolution 3D Floor Plan

High-Resolution 3D Design 

One Gift Coupon for e-Consultation

Yes, Generally we Build our Pre-design Pack in a way that it is enough for you to get that executed by any contractor who is drawing literate.

Pre-Design Room Customization

Get All your Questioned Answered.

We Understand that issue so we also offer customization for an additional cost.

Customization Time will be Applicable as per its Intensity.

You can Customize one or a Combination of Any of the Following for Pre-Design Rooms.

Room Size

Color Combination


Concept Mix Match of Other Rooms

Generally, it is the same designer who has designed it. In a rare case, if the designer is busy we will get it arranged by another designer and monitor the accuracy is matched.

We Don't Recommend that the whole idea of the Pre-Design Room is to Give Freedom to Both Designers and Home Owners to Stay free and change it according to the their own needs.

Indeed Yes, Every designer who lists their design in our store also gets the opportunity to sell online support and expertise on-demand to any customer who wants to avail of it. you can check if they have listed their services in Ala cart or expertise support and pay them for their services additionally.

This Will Really Not Happen. We are very Much Concerned about our Reputation so we will make sure that if the designer does not support you we will stop his payment and provide you service from Kotlie Experts or we offer you REFUND.