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Online Color Consultancy For Wall Paint, Ceiling Paint For One Room

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We’ve all had that feeling of envy when perusing a magazine or watching a movie and seeing a fabulous space or home. “I wish I could make my hall or living space look like that,” you say to yourself. You may even go down to the local hardware store, grab some paint and accessories and try to recreate these sumptuous spaces yourself. Well the chances are you won’t get the effects you’re looking for. The truth is, transforming a space isn’t just a case of throwing up a coat of paint and hoping for the best. What you need is the professional touch – in most cases this means taking on a color consultant.


Have you ever had that feeling of walking into a room in your home and felt that something’s just not right? You might put it down to poor lighting, or bad feng shui. But nine times out of ten a bad feeling in a room comes down to the colors of the walls and ceilings. Color is the most important visual element of design in any room, it makes sense that you choose carefully. But these days there are so many paint colors and finishes on the market, it can be a daunting task to pick the right one. Get it wrong and not only have you wasted money and time, you have to start again from scratch.

When a color consultant works with you, you’re able to avoid this guesswork. A professional will understand the effects you’re seeking and create a color palette that is right for your walls and your space, not to mention the furniture and lighting you already have. They will also take into account your trim, ceiling, floors and any other architectural features.

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