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Template Settings

1. Home pages configurationn

#Page NamePage HTML (Content tab)Page XML (Design tab)Layout
1.Home Pagesources\demo\pages\home_page.phtmlsources\demo\pages\home_page.xml2 columns-left
2.About Ussources\demo\pages\about_us.phtmlNA1 columns
3.Customer Servicesources\demo\pages\customer_service.phtmlNA1 columns

2. Static blocks configuration

#Block NameBlock TitleIdentifierContent
1.Footer column content 1Footer column content 1footer_col_1sources\demo\blocks\footer_col_1.phtml
2.Footer column content 2Footer column content 2footer_col_2sources\demo\blocks\footer_col_2.phtml
3.Footer column content 3Footer column content 3footer_col_3sources\demo\blocks\footer_col_3.phtml

3. Widgets configuration

#Widget NameWidget typeContent
1.Widget 1BlockBlock 1